Daiso Beauty White 15-Day Supplement (Made In Japan)

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Daiso Beauty White 15-Day Supplement (Made In Japan)


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FDA Registration No. D-10676
Ships From Canumay East, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila, Metro Manila

30 in stock

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Protects your skin from sun damage
Whitens / lightens / brightens the skin
Helps you to recover from your allergies fastly
Treats acne
Reduces redness and itchiness of pimples
Healthy Hair / Repairs hair loss
Detoxifies / Toxins and impurities are removed so that better health is achieved.
Healthy Skin / Boosts supple and healthy looking skin
Boosts Immune System
Reduces aging effects / anti-aging
Flawless Skin

30 tablets good for 15 days
Vitamin C – 2000mg
L Cysteine also known as NAC – 1000mg

Take 1 tablet 2x a day before mealtime. Or you may take 2 tablets before bedtime. Good for 15 days.

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